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Gallatin Publishing Company

Quality printing with effective advertising products and services,
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Main Office & Printing Plant
609B South Main St., P.O. Box 37, Gallatin, MO 64640
Ph: 660.663.2154 Fax: 660.663.2498
Office Email Address: [email protected]

To Submit News -- [email protected]
For Advertising -- [email protected]
To Submit Files for Processing -- [email protected]
For Mailing Services -- [email protected]


Darryl Wilkinson, Owner & Publisher -- [email protected] 
Liz Wilkinson, Owner, Production & Bookkeeping -- [email protected] 
Jessica Carder, Production & Bookkeeping -- [email protected]
Danielle Huston, Graphics & Customer Consultant -- [email protected]
Tisha Perkins, Production & Customer Consultant -- [email protected]
Lisa Shelman, Customer Consultant in Sales -- [email protected]
Doug Avriette, Customer Consultant in Sales -- [email protected] 
Tammy Huffman, Newswriter & Production -- [email protected] 
Dennis Cox, Sportswriter & Pre-Press -- [email protected] 
Travis Burnett, Ben Gott & Lee Pryor, Pressroom -- [email protected]
Marjorie Windsor, Distribution Manager -- [email protected]

Chillicothe Sales Office:
430C North Washington St., P.O. Box 618, Chillicothe, MO 64601
Ph: 660-707-1820 Fax: 660-707-1823 
Office Email Address: [email protected]

Tomie Walker, Chillicothe Office Mgr. -- [email protected]
Brooke Trussell, Chillicothe Sales Office -- [email protected]

Gallatin Publishing Company was incorporated in 1963. It has been owned and operated by Darryl and Liz Wilkinson since 1982. The firm offers a variety of services, requiring a wide range of skills from its experienced staff of employees. A major business expansion occurred in 2009 with the acquisition of a 6-unit newsprint press and relocation into a larger, remodeled facility in Gallatin.

Printing a daily and many community newspapers, free distribution shoppers and monthly periodicals is the company's primary source of business. The flagship newspaper for Gallatin Publishing Company is the rural county seat paper continuously published in Daviess County, Mo., since 1864, the Gallatin North Missourian. Weekly shopper editions of The Ad Pages are distributed into every household in a 3-county area. Gallatin Publishing also owns and publishes a monthly news product, the Lake Viking News, serving a 1,600-acre private residential lake community near Gallatin.

After several years of research and development underwritten by Gallatin Publishing Company, an internet business was formally incorporated in 2006 as GranDesign, LLC. Internet services include web site construction, hosting and analysis for a wide variety of clients located mostly in Northwest Missouri.

Gallatin Publishing Company has been a regional leader in providing internet website promotions especially in real estate and public auctions. The initial portal -- offering a regional source for news, real estate listings, auctions and vehicles for sale - was launched which continues. This initial success prompted a second portal website called to serve the rest of North Missouri and portions of South Iowa. A major reorganization and redesign was completed in 2011, expanding similar data categories under the umbrella of a new brand name:

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609B South Main, Gallatin, MO 64640
Ph: 660.663.2154
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